Carpets & Rugs

Over 25 Years the trends have changed in the Carpet and Flooring Industry, and nobody knows more about ongoing trends than Simon with his vast wealth of experience.

There has been a noticeable change in the last few years with more customers returning to carpets and rugs, instead of laminate flooring that has been everywhere in the past 10 years.

Modern Interior design points towards muted colours, natural fibres and textures, with splashes of colour introduced through cushions and art.

Another key trend is the return to retro styles from the 60’s and 70’s which is all about bold colours and print. These are not for the faint hearted, and really make an impact in your room.

Key Trends

Colour, neutrals will always be in fashion, and will match most colours and furnishings. Grey has become very popular in the past few years as an alternative to beige or taupe.

Bright bold colours are popular too, especially in high traffic areas of your home, such as the hallway or stairs. Deeper colours will not shoe stains as much as lighter colours do, and the really stand out and make a statement. Smaller rooms are a great place to experiment with colour.


Textures are a huge trend at the moment, as they give a patterned look to your carpet, but with keeping a single colour throughout. There are lots of different designs and geometric patterns available. Other textures as dense pile carpets, oversized loops and natural fibres are also very popular as they give a more luxurious feel. The bedroom is the ideal place for these types of carpets, as you tend to walk on them less often, hence they will not wear or stain so much.


When someone mentions patterned flooring, you immediately think back to some ghastly carpet in your Grandmothers house. However Retro fashions have become popular again, and there are actually some great designs out there. Plus patterned carpets are great at hiding spills and dirty marks, so Grandmother really does know best! Geometric print and stripes create a bold effect in your room, or if your looking for something as little more subtle, try something with different colours blended into the fibre, or a delicate pattern containing rich complimentary colours.


Another idea, if you already have wooden flooring and do not want to re-carpet the room is to use rugs. A large one in the centre of the room can really bring all of your furnishings and features together, while adding a touch of warmth or you can scatter a few different rugs around to create a more relaxed vibe.

Town & Country Carpets have one of the biggest ranges of Carpets and Rugs, with thousands of different designs in the North West, including high quality manufacturers such as Brintons and Cormar Carpets.

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